The Top 10 Books for a Baby Shower

One of my dearest oldest friends is about to have her first baby and I couldn't be more excited. Now, obviously the baby shower that was envisioned is out of the question but sending something special is still a must.   In my experience it seems that people choose books for baby showers a lot like… Continue reading The Top 10 Books for a Baby Shower

Encouraging Reluctant Readers : Top Advice from Teachers & Bookstagrammers

Not all children instantly love books. A reluctant reader will often struggle down the line with literacy skills and it can affect their feelings about learning in general and their own self esteem.  This can be frustrating for both you and your child. So what can you do?   I have collected advice from 20 of… Continue reading Encouraging Reluctant Readers : Top Advice from Teachers & Bookstagrammers

RWR Best Books of 2019

Our Participating Judges The Read with River Book Club is proud to present the books selected as the best new releases of 2019. The juries for this selection were made up of our 16 regular bookstagram members, and three guest judges worldwide. How did we come to the decisions we made? The process was admittedly… Continue reading RWR Best Books of 2019