Alessandra Requena is an aspiring children’s book author, primary school teacher and, a mother. She is also one of the hosts on the Picture Bookstagang Podcast, a podcast that discusses all things to do with picture books! She lives in Canada with her husband and her daugthers River & Willow. They also have two cats.

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We regularly choose exemplary picture books for review on our Instagram page. Please email us if you wish to send us review copies.
recommendations and reviews. We are not currently accepting self-published works for review at this time. We also do not feature religious or moralistic work.

Early Literacy

Activities with an emphasis on choosing exemplary books.


We are passionate about creating a strong community of readers. Both with the Read with River Book Club, international and Bookstagram in the 6ix which is Canada only. If you want to know how to get involved please email us, or check out @Bookstagraminthe6ix.

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