Alessandra Requena is a children’s book writer represented by the Catchpole Literary agency. She is also one of the hosts on the Picture Bookstagang Podcast, a podcast that discusses all things to do with picture books! She lives in Canada with her her daughters. They also have two cats. She has a professional background in early primary education.

What we do

Instagram Book Features

We recommend the best read aloud picturebooks. With an emphasis on fun and engaging stories for the whole family to enjoy, and unique illustrative style! We are not currently accepting self-published works for review at this time. We also do not feature religious or moralistic work.

The Bookstagang Community Guild

Alessandra organizes the @bookstagang group of picturebook influencers. Membership is granted to established influencers who include picturebooks as part of their regular content. Although exceptions are made, generally members have been consistently creating good quality, trustworthy, picturebook related social media content for over 6 months and have a minimum following of over 2,000. Email readwithriver@gmail.com for inquiries as to joining, or working with the group.

Early Literacy

Activities with an emphasis on choosing exemplary books.

Let’s build something together.