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The Bookstagang Best Picture Books of 2020 List Has Arrived

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RWR Book Club #Bookstagang Members

Meet the members of the #Bookstagang! From voting on our faves of the year, to duking it out over the most controversial reads, join in the conversation.

Book Inspired Crafts, Arts, Activities

Using Books as a base, check out these ideas for various Inquiry, Exploration, STEM, and fun projects!

Early Literacy

Quick Guides on different aspects of early literacy, how to choose the right books, how to support your child at home!

Literacy Based Music Teaching

Lesson Plans and Articles for Parents and teachers to support musical skill building and exploration using picture books as an anchor. No previous experience necessary.

The Picture Bookstagang Podcast

Join @Readwithriver and other hosts @inclusivestorytime & @thetinyactivists every week for discussions on early literacy, picturebooks, and interviews with authors and illustrators.

Curated Book Lists for every Child

Looking for books about a certain theme, subject, or style? Check out our recommendations! We’ve got something for everyone.

“We know books, we have a lot of them.”


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Alessandra is a teacher in Toronto, specializing in early music and Kindergarten.

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