All About the Bookstagang Best of 2020 Picture Books

2020 #Bookstagang Judges

2020 marks the second year of the juried Best Picture Book release by the #Bookstagang. See the 2019 Winners list here.

The Best Picture Books of the year are HERE!

The process of analyzing, judging, and preparing the list of the Best Picture books of the year, occurs over several months. The resulting list of winners can be found on the Social Media Accounts of all participating judges. This year the list will also be discussed in a special episode of the Picture Bookstagang Podcast.

How It works

The Submissions

All major publishers are invited to submit their selection for the best picture books they have produced for the year. This year 43 Publishers Participated not including our Australian division.


Each judge receives copies of all books submitted. The judges carefully review each book and assign it a score between 1-10 based on our criteria for consideration. The scores are averaged for each book to determine which contenders were the most beloved over all.

2020 Contender for Non-Fic

Winner Categories

The 2020 Categories for winners are Best: Illustration, Board Book, Non-Fiction, Biography, Future Classics, Read Aloud, with 10 books selected for each category. There are also two special mention categories, food & animal books. The 2019 categories differed slightly. See 2019’s winners here.

Our Judges

Our Judges are all members of the #Bookstagang, a collaboration of Kidlit Influencers from all over North America, and Australia. Each member brings a valuable perspective to our group. Read more about them here.

2020 Contender for Biography