The #Bookstagang & the Best Books of 2020

The Bookstagang is a collective of kid lit bloggers and Influencers who are passionate about sharing spectacular picture books. Throughout the year the members come together to support one another and participate in online events such as #LibrarianFightClub and sharing monthly book themes. At the end of each year we work together to release a judged list of the best Picture books of the year. To read more about our judging process click here. Read on to learn more about our members!

Meet Our Members

Alessandra (s/h)
River & Willow

@ReadWith River

Teacher, Writer, Mother of 2. Alessandra formed the #Bookstagang in the autumn of 2019, which was about five hundred years ago. Overly dramatic, creator and moderator of #LibrarianFightClub, #thefictionfeast. Picture Bookstagang Podcast Host

Corrie (s/h) & Lee (t/t)

@TheTiny Activists

“Educate to Empower”
Married Rebels living on
Massachusett/Nipmuc Land. Building a house in the woods. Tearing down the patriarchy one picture book at a time. Corrie is an educator with a Masters in Gender Studies. Bakes on weekends for #sweetsandsocialjusticePicture Bookstagang Podcast Host

Kelly (s/h)

@Inclusive StoryTime

“Raising readers who raise up others.” Kelly focuses on stories that are inclusive, diverse, and full of joy. Always prepared to take action for social justice. Kelly comes armed with spreadsheets, lysol and, a indomitable spirit.

Picture Bookstagang Podcast Host.

Saranya (s/h) & Ishaan


Chicago based Patent Lawyer Former Engineer Mom to avid reader and musician Ishaan (3) Passionate about Kid lit and spreading awareness of Screen Free Kids, #southasiansforblacklives

Dolisha Mitchell (s/h)

@LittleBlack BookNook

Masters of Arts in Teaching Curriculum and SEL Specialist Addressing social emotional learning and social justice through diverse children’s literature.

Jenn (s/h)

@Noodlenuts kidsbooks

Jewish Canadian
#ActuallyAutistic  #MECFS
Disability Advocate Experience as a Literary Agent & Preschool educator

Kallan (s/h)

@Houston LibraryFinds

Stay at Home Mother of three in Texas. Kallan is uncommonly crafty with her books. Spends too much time at the library.

Sara (s/h)


Defender of wordless books everywhere, excessive use of cilantro. Sara is a Picture book lover and mom living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Megan (s/h)

@IHaveA Book4That

Reading Teacher
Literary Fanatic
Book Mom
Diverse Books in Schools Advocate
Aspiring Author

Hanna (s/h)

@MyLiteracy Space

Canadian passionate about supporting families and educators, using a structured literacy approach, to grow confident readers.  I love sharing amazing children’s picture books and multisensory literacy activities that you could replicate in whatever space your favourite learning takes place. 

Wendi (s/h)

@_MyBook Addiction_

American #HealthCareHero Wendi is an Emergency Room Pediatrician and mother of two. She is passionate about the importance of early literacy in the development of all children.

Stephanie (s/h)

@BecauseMy MotherRead

Stephanie is an American stay at home mom with 3 children who love to read as much as her! She specializes in her book inspired meal posts and is a regular participant of #thefictionfeast.

Lettice (s/h)

@Bookish. Blair

Celebrating Blair’s love of books.
Normalizing Black early literacy.
Empowering  #bookishbrownboys  everywhere!

Lucy (s/h)


Lucy is a creative genius permanent member of the Boosktagang based in Australia, and co-ordinated this year’s Australian judged Book selection.

Australian Guest Judges

This Year we invited a fantastic group of Australian Kidsbookstagrammers to form a contingent of guest members to judge the Australian releases. Headed by our resident Australian Bookstagang Member Lucy @flisatfun.

Lucy (s/h)


Creative Genius and Chaos Co-ordinator Trained teacher Mom of 4 Can do anything with a Flisat table

Shannon (s/h)

@OhCreative Day

Teacher & Mum of 3, Shannon shares her love for books and getting crafty! Check out her website for a download of her book.

Janice & Tania (s/h)

@LittleBirdie Books

2 Speech Pathologists on a quest to assist parents in supporting their children’s development with books and strategies.

Karly (s/h)

@BookieBoo Box

Karly is studying for her Masters in Counselling, and has an honours in Psychology. She runs a Picutre Book Box Subscription Service Based in Brisbane.

Teri (s/h)

@PetitBook Corner

Early Literacy Tips Picture Book Love Masters of Ed. Kindergarten Teacher Mother

Carissa (s/h)

@BooksKids Love_

Mother of 3 Passionate about sharing her family’s Book Favourites

Bron (s/h)


Obsessive Reader & Bibliophile from Canberra. Sharing her and her 6 year old daughter’s favourite books.

Can you Tell me a Story? (s/h)


Enriching the lives of children and adults by encouraging the shared experience of reading and story telling

The only thing better than a good book, is finding people to share it with.


Membership is considered on a case by case basis, we are not currently accepting new members. But new applicants are considered at the start of each season.

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