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5 Toys I Regret Buying & 5 Books You Should Get Instead! : More Books, Less Crap

This year I’ve had it with the garbage. I’m done I tell you, finished.  I’ve been burned too many times before, and not only am I going to try my best to minimize the plastic crap that comes into my house, I want to warn you all against some of my worst purchasing choices (that came highly recommended) and give you a short list of the most hilarious read aloud books from this year. So yes, I bought all of these crappy toys, please don’t make my mistakes.

These book were all gifted to me by publishers, some are submissions for the #bookstagang_bestof2021 which is being judged as we speak. I am doing NO affiliate linking. If you choose to buy any of these books, I recommend ordering them from your local independent book shop, you can call and place an order ahead of time! 

“Gigantosaurus: Roar, Giganto, Roar!: A Puppet Book” by Cyber Group Studios @bigpicturepress Willow is obsessed with this dinosaur puppet book.  Such a huge hit! 

“When I’m Not Looking” Farren Phillips @yeehoopress hilarious, engaging, search and find element included. Absolute delight. 

“The Grumpy Fairies” by Bethan Stevens, adorable, funny, beautiful. 

“Here Be Dragons” Susannah Lloyd and Paddy Donnelly @quartokids this one doesn’t technically release until February in North America but if you order from Blackwell’s you can get around that in time for the holidays.

“Sloth and Squirrel in a Pickle” Cathay Ballou Mealley and Kelly Collier @kidscanpress

“Maybe…” by Chris Haughton Okay I said five but here’s a bonus book because I can’t leave it off the list! We love Haughton’s humorous books about mischievous animals and this new one about monkeys tempted by a tiger surrounded mango tree is top notch.  Instant classic.

So these are the books I thought were the funniest of the year so far, they’re not the most educational, they’re not the most important or diverse. Just the funniest books my kids and I loved. If you’re looking for something more sentimental, fact filled, or looking to create a more intentionally diverse collection, check out some of my other recommended lists!



Alessandra Requena is a children's book writer represented by the Catchpole Literary Agency.

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