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The Timeline of Making a Book in Traditional Publishing: Demystifying Publishing Part 6 with @ReadwithRiver

The amount of time it takes to put out a book can vary wildly in the traditional publishing industry. This is dependent on a number of factors, for example books without pictures do not require illustration and can be put out fairly quickly. Where as in some cases a book can take over two years between acquisition and actual publication.
The starting point here is the acquisition of the book, so when the publisher makes the decision to purchase a text. A meeting is held of all departments and if the okay is given, then negotiations begin between the author/agent and the publisher. Eventually contracts are signed (At this point the author/agent receive part of their Advance) and announcements are made.
Next comes first round of edits and design decisions. For picture books that means choosing an illustrator and them getting to work. For non picture books that means cover and text design.
The illustration process can take up to a year, and some illustrations require more time consuming labour than others.
MORE EDITING> While sales does the sell-in.
Printing and Binding, and Sales.
Delivery to warehouses, and then to retailers.
Promotion, marketing, publicity, and sales.
After debut season is over, the book no longer receives the same publicity and marketing push as it did in it’s debut. Unless it was highly successful


Alessandra Requena is a children's book writer represented by the Catchpole Literary Agency.

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