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How to Decode The Kindergarten Curriculum Document: A Super Quick Guide for Parents

If you are looking for the Kindergarten Document for download you can access it


Or Download it below

Meet the Ontario Kindergarten Curriculum Document. It includes everything you need to understand the approach, principles, expectations and assessment of the Kindergarten Full Day Program.

If you have opted to keep your kindergarten aged child at home during the pandemic and do not feel that remote schooling is going to work for them or you, then you may wish to consult this curriculum document while making plans to home school.

I have included a longer explanation below of how to interpret this document!

Why should you consider this document? Essentially, it lays out exactly what skills and information a child should have by the end of Kindergarten, entering grade one. So, it is very helpful to look at these expectations when planning your long range and short range goals for teaching at home. That way your child will be up to speed when they go back to school!



Alessandra Requena is a children's book writer represented by the Catchpole Literary Agency.

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