Books About Food

Honestly my favourite genre of Picture books, is Food!

“The Prince and the Porker” by Peter Bently and David Roberts
“There Are No Bears In This Bakery” By Julia Sarcone-Roach
“The Bagel King” by Torontonian Andrew Larsen and illustrated by Sandra Nichols 
“A Apple Pie” by Gennady Spirin @gennadyspirinstudio
“A B C Apple Pie” by Alison Murray.
 “Fruit Bowl” by Mark Hoffman
“Maggie’s Chopsticks” Written by Alan Woo and Illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant. @kidscanpress
“Babies Can’t Eat Kimchee” By Nancy Patz and Illustrated by Susan L.Roth @bloomsburypublishing
“Mr. Crumm’s Potato Predicament” By Anne Renaud Illustrator Felicita Sala @kidscanpress
“Garbage Delight” Auhor Dennis Lee Illustrations Sandy Nichols @harperkid @harpercollinsus